Visitor Management Systems

Keep track of the visitors accessing your facility by utilizing a visitor management system

Visitor Management Systems enable the registering and processing of all visitors to a site and create an audit trail for all non-employee activity. Visitor information is stored in a database and can be reported on for a real time status of all visitors on site, or it can also be used to search, sort, analyze, and retrieve visitor data for any given time frame.

Visitors are able to be pre-registered through the web to speed up the process upon arrival or they can easily register upon arrival and receive their custom printed visitor badge. A driver’s license reader or business card scanner shortens the time it takes to sign a visitor in on site by reading the information off of the cards and automatically inputting it into the system.

Visitor badges or stickers are able to be printed from the front desk, and if a camera is in use then a photo can be added to the badge for further identification while your visitor is the facility. Electronic visitor management system photos can also be used in investigating security breaches, even used to compare with security camera footage to further identify any person.

All visitor information is saved in the electronic visitor management system. This allows returning visitors to be signed in with very little time or effort because the system remembers them. If a returning visitor was a security problem in the past, this can be identified and addressed to prevent this person from being let back on site.

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