Stay Safe: Summer is a Peak Burglary Season

July 16, 2016

Just a mention of the word “summer” invokes found memories of our youth and inspires grand vacations and fun gatherings. It also, however, inspires more sinister activities.

During the summer months, burglaries tend to rise at an alarming rate. Perhaps it’s due to all the vacationers leaving their homes empty, or maybe the hot weather just makes people desperate. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to follow these tips to stay safe and avoid being the victim of burglary this summer.

Double-check the doors

No, this isn’t a reference to Geico’s discount double-check, but they are on to something. It’s really important to check your doors twice, as well as the windows, before you leave for a vacation or even just an evening on the town.

Test your security system

Before summer begins, it’s a good idea to have professionals check your security system to ensure that everything is working smoothly. A security system that isn’t working is absolutely worthless and won’t deter any kind of crime, so be on top of things and be sure yours is in working order.

Stay off of social media

Don’t be the person who broadcasts to the world that your home is open for the taking. Burglars are actively monitoring social media channels for just such information. Don’t give it to them.

Know your neighbors

Get to be friends with your neighbors shortly after moving into your neighborhood. They can be the first line of defense and keep a lookout for your safety and the security of your home.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure that you are able to enjoy a fun, relaxing and safe summer.

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