Pokémon Go Safety Tips for Kids (and Adults)

July 19, 2016

Pokémon, a franchise featuring charming, little cartoon creatures that people of all ages have been collecting for decades, recently took the world by storm with its new augmented reality game that can be played on mobile devices.

The introduction of Pokémon Go has the world going crazy, scrambling around hunting Pidgeys, Rattatas, Tauros and other creatures and attempting to guard PokéGyms. Adults and children alike have joined the fun, and the craze is growing by the day.

While this new augmented reality game can be loads of fun and has the benefit of getting kids off the stationary video game platforms and outdoors instead, there is also potential for danger. Follow these tips, and teach your children to follow them as well when active on the Pokémon Go app.

Pay attention to surroundings

The game requires a significant amount of walking around in open areas, public landmarks and all over. This is a great thing from an exercise perspective, but it’s a recipe for disaster if you consider the fact that much of this walking is done with the player’s head looking down at their phone. Make sure to keep your eyes focused when walking, and only look down at the screen when stationary. Pikachu can wait for you to stop.

Use the buddy system

There has already been at least one report of unsuspecting victims being lured into traps and robbed. Stay away from PokéStops and PokéGyms that are out of the public eye, and always bring a friend or a group when you play. Unfortunately, no matter how much fun something is, there’s always someone who’ll find a way to use it with ill intentions.

Don’t invade others’ privacy

No Pokémon is worth the problems that can arise from trespassing on private property or bumping into someone who’s simply trying to enjoy their day. Make sure you are paying attention to where you go. Stay out of private yards and private property, and be aware of others.

Set Time Limits

This is the type of game one could become overly immersed in. The augmented reality part keeps you just in touch enough with your world to forget how much time you’ve been playing. Players have been losing sleep, and there are even reports of employers noticing a loss in productivity exhibited by players. Play outside of work hours, and don’t let the game get in the way of family time or your health.

We aren’t trying to spoil the fun. Just want to make sure you all stay safe while enjoying the game. Now, we’re off to try to catch Pikachu!

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