Service & Support

Putting Service First

Skynet Integrations has built a reputation as a first class service provider by having prompt service response times, competitive service rates, and through excellent customer communication. Our business has grown exponentially with customers that initially start with a single service call, and then evolve into a long term partnership for systems design, installation, and maintenance services. It is a common for a systems integrator to earn their first opportunity with a customer through a large installation project, and during that project it is discovered that the company is not as qualified as it was described to be. Shopping for a new systems integrator through service calls allows the customer to get to know how the solutions provider operates through small issues without that associated risk.

Service Options: Time and Materials service is handled for customers on a call by call basis at standard published labor rates, however, Skynet Integrations also offers a full range of  service contract solutions which offer priority service response times and are capable of meeting any customer’s needs. These service contract options are completely customized to fit both your needs and budget, covering as little or as much as desired. Often, a large project is completed and budgets are not modified to allow for the additional expense of maintaining the system after the warranty period. Skynet can provide the customer with estimates at the time of the project to extend warranties, provide preventative maintenance services, or create a completely customized solution for the customer that meets their needs post warranty with plenty of time to get it included in the appropriate fiscal year budget.

Please utilize our years of service and support experience to assist in making your system maintenance as smooth as possible by calling (813) 618-5888 to speak with one of our customer service representatives.