Items Most Often Stolen From Homes

August 11, 2016

When criminals target a home, they typically target certain items as well. These are some of the most frequently stolen items in home invasions.

Money, money, money, money

Cash is kind, as they say, so it follows suit that money is the first thing on a thief’s mind when they break into a home. Pocketbooks and wallets lying around on counters or tucked away in drawers are often the first target. Make sure you keep these items out of sight of windows and hidden in a clever spot.

Mobile devices and laptops

With a high resale value, these items are quite enticing for burglars. They’re also small enough that a person could sprint down the street carrying them in the case that a quick getaway becomes necessary. Make sure these things are not in plain view, just like with your cash, and consider having tracking mechanisms in place so you can locate them in case they’re stolen.


Guns are another item that have high resale value. This will be on the top of a thief’s mind as they browse the merchandise in your home. If they come across a gun, consider it gone. Where it goes next is the scary part. Considering the source, it’s likely not being sold to another reputable party with good intentions.


This one comes as a surprise to many people. Why would someone steal a hammer or a screwdriver, right? That thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. Tools are high on a criminal’s wish list especially power tools. If you can, place your tools in a large, lockable toolbox. It’s difficult for a thief to get away with a giant toolbox, but they can certainly escape with a hammer, a power drill and a few other small items. 


This one is a bit of a mystery. Clothing doesn’t typically have a high resale value, so anyone who steals these items is likely considering using the items themselves. Maybe a particular outfit just strikes their fancy, who knows?

Once a thief is in your home, it’s too late for being proactive. You can hide these items well, but a smart thief will find what they need anyway. Make sure you have a proper security system installed and you put other measures in place to deter criminals.

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