Four Creepy Ghosts Caught on Surveillance Video

August 7, 2016

Do you believe in ghosts? Whether you do or not, these creepy surveillance videos will definitely get you thinking. Do you see the ghosts that were allegedly caught on camera?

Shadowy Spirit

Watch carefully as this shadowy figure creeps across the screen. Is this a ghost or just an illusion? You be the judge.


Happiest Ghost on Earth

We’ve mentioned before that we love our neighbor up north, Mickey Mouse. Did you know, however, that Disney World’s California counterpart just might be haunted? Check out this alleged footage of a ghost in the Magic Kingdom.


Ghost at the Station

In 2014, a ghost apparently decided to visit a police station in New Mexico. This wasn’t the first time officers at the station suspected the building was haunted. They’d been hearing sounds and there were rumors circling, so who knows, maybe it’s true!

Taking a Break

A security camera caught this ghost taking a break at an outside break area where employees typically eat lunch. We guess even ghosts need to take a break now and then.


You be the judge of whether these ghost sightings are real or just optical illusions. Either way, it’s fun to take a look and let your mind consider the possibilities!


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