Five of the Most High Profile Hacking Cases of All Time

August 16, 2016

Today, we worry about crimes that are far different than they were 20 or even as recent as 10 years ago. We’re referring to crimes of a digital nature. Hacking crimes, if you will.

In recent years, there have been numerous high profile hacking attacks, and we wanted to present just a few that stand out.


Credit card information was stolen from customers of the superstore giant, Target. The company was forced to pay around $10 million to those impacted by the data breach. Victims were forced to deal with all kinds of hassles trying to remove false charges, cancel cards and much more.

Experian and T-Mobile

The original target in this hacking attack was Experian, a popular credit-reporting agency. Unfortunately for customers of mobile provider T-Mobile, the hacking attack targeted info found via Experian about 15 million credit inquiries of people who’d applied for a T-Mobile account. Names, addresses, social security numbers and other confidential pieces of information were stolen.

T-Mobile CEO

Ashley Madison

Many people would say that this one was deserved. Ashley Madison, a website with questionable motives and services, was hacked in 2015. The hackers stole the company’s database of members and threatened to release the information if the site wasn’t shut down. The folks at Ashley Madison didn’t shut down the site, and as a result, names, contact info and other personal data about members (who preferred to remain private) was released causing all kinds of chaos.


Celebrities were the targets of this attack. A number of celebrities had their iCloud accounts hacked, which led to the exposure of explicit photos. No one was ever caught, and the celebrity victims were forced to scramble to limit the fallout from the incident.

iCloud Hack

As hackers become more and more sophisticated, we can expect more attacks on even higher profile entities. If you are a business owner, it’s important that you consider how you protect data and ensure that you have the best network infrastructure in place.

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