Facts About Burglaries You Didn’t Know

May 25, 2016

It’s most people’s worst nightmare. A burglar invaded your home. Your valuables were stolen, and your sense of security is lost.

It’s an unfortunate situation that’s played out time and time again across the US and across the world. In order to avoid being a victim, there are a few statistics you need to know. They can help you find weaknesses in your own defenses and put up additional roadblocks to deter burglars.

Forced entry

The majority of burglars use forced entry. Some statistics show that over 60% of burglaries happen by way of forced entry. While a high number also occur because of careless acts like leaving your windows open when you’re not home, most burglars actually enter homes by breaking windows, picking locks or kicking in doors.

Loss costs more than security

Many people pass on setting up a security system because they don’t think it’s worth the cost. That couldn’t be more false. The fact of the matter is that burglaries typically net burglars, on average, over $2000. That’s more than most security systems, and the toll it puts on a family mentally can be even more devastating.

The south is a big target   

Statistics show that nearly half of all burglaries in the US take place in the South. If you live below the Mason-Dixon line, you need to be aware of this stat. While you shouldn’t let your guard down if you live in the Midwest, Northeast or West, if you live in the South you need to be extra vigilant.

Security systems do work

Homes without security systems are three times more likely to be broken into. Simply installing a burglar alarm system can cut your risk of becoming a victim significantly. Don’t be a victim. Contact a security system specialist and secure your home.

Being aware of these facts can keep you and your family safe from crime. Contact the Skynet team today to learn how our security professionals can help.

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